I’m passionate about hair!

I’ve been doing hair for over twenty years and I still enjoy going to the salon every day. Every day I walk through the door I know that there will be a new experience that will fuel my passion to produce great hair styles. With each client I am given the opportunity to create a customized look to fit the client’s personality. Yes, Virginia, everyday holds its own challenges but they inspire me with the possibilities of what I can achieve.

I listen and pay attention to your needs

Your needs are the main focus of our consultation. Before I mix a color, shampoo your hair, or even pick up a comb I have to know where you want to go on your hair adventure. I want your adventure to be a wonderful one, so I make sure that we agree upon a style that you can achieve everyday. We will talk about why you like certain styles and what you want to achieve with your look. Know that if you pick a style that doesn’t work with your lifetyle, your daily regimen, or even your type of hair, I will work with you to get as close as possible tp that style. I’m here for you.

We will do a check up of your hair at every visit

A great initial consultation is key to getting you the style you want to achieve, but that’s not enough. Once I become your stylist, I keep working to achieve your trust and confidence by reviewing what is working and what is not working with your style. The world is changing and so do your needs and tastes. I am committed to keeping up with your needs.

I frequently take continuing education classes and seminars

In every industry new information, techniques, and technology is regularly published; Cosmetology is no exception. For this basic reason, it is fundamental that a stylist continually pursue continuing education. I am committed to participating in class at least 6 times a year. Most years I end up taking at least 12 classes a year. The classes are not just about learning about a new product or technique; it is also about keeping that fire alive for hair. Those classes fuel my passion which I bring to you everytime you sit in my chair!

I am punctual

I feel that if I am not 15 minutes early, then I am late! If you went to the trouble of making the first appointment for the day, you should absolutely not have to wait for me to set up my station. Your time is valuable; I’m not here to waste it. You’ve taken time out of your day to come to see me, I respect that. I do my utmost to be on time. It’s one of the things I pride myself on.

I’m willing to work with your schedule

While I do have set hours that give you many appointment options, now and then something happens where our schedules don’t align. You need to get your hair color because you’re going to your cousin’s wedding in South Carolina. But you have to work late so you can take the time off, right? If life gets in the way of you coming in, contact me and let’s discuss your situation. Most of the time I am able to work out something that works with your schedule.

I respect your hair

I will not perform a service or a process on your hair just to take your money and leave you with hair in bad condition. If you ask for something that I know will simply not work with your hair, I will tell you and also discuss the options that are available to you. Remember, every hair cut does not work on every hair type. I share your goals and I want you to leave the salon looking great. Regardless of what is going on with your hair, don’t worry – we will work it out!

You will have my full attention during your appointment

Have you ever had a stylist that has to stop every five minutes to answer the phone and make appointments? When I became an independent stylist, I wanted to fully focus only on you, the client and on nothing else. It really was one of my fundamental goals. You are paying me for a service nd you deserve my undivided attention. The key to getting great, consistent color is concentration, focus, and exact timing. These attributes are required to ensure that complex color services come out exactly the way they are supposed to come out, beautiful!

You will leave my chair more informed

You’ve just spent time and money on your hair. Let me help you achieve that salon look every day. I will educate you about hair care, products, and services. I will share information with you about what your hair needs to stay looking great between visits. You’ll learn about maintenance, styling techniques, and the right types of products and tools to use on your hair. I will also let you know about the latest services and techniques that could help enhance your current look.

Because when you look in the mirror, you’ll have a “Wow” moment!

I don’t just want you to be satisfied with your new style, Its my goal to get you to say “Wow!” (or something like that) when you first look in the mirror after your service.