My name is Melanie Castelli, and I want to be your hair’s life coach. You’re probably asking yourself what that even means. As a life coach to your hair, I will help you work with your hair’s natural ability, e.g., its texture, thickness, length, and color to make it be something wonderful that can be reproduced on a daily basis and not just at the salon.

A little bit about my background…

When I was a young girl, I would do “Salon Day” with my mother and spend the afternoon watching the skill and artistry of the stylists as they worked their craft. I felt like the Salon was a magical place where women and men walked in looking slightly faded and worn, only to emerge with a fresh look that I knew would help them carry on through the weeks to come.

I believe that your hair is one of the most important ways you express your personality, ideals, and lifestyle. Essentially, your hair is an outward expression of your inner self. I want to help you express that inner self.  I do that by cutting, coloring, and sculpting your hair in a manner that creates an image custom tailored to your lifestyle and creates a look that is as unique as you!

I choose to work in this profession because it continually allows me the opportunities to develop my artistic desires as well as increase my technical skills. I am a stylist because I still love to see that look of satisfied confidence in my clients’ faces as they look at their renewed appearance. I have been a stylist for over eighteen years and I don’t ever envision myself doing anything else. I love my work and my craft!

I offer a full range of salon services including haircuts, color techniques, styling for special events, Brazilian Blowouts, and Perms. I have many years of experience in performing color, including correction of poorly executed color whether it be from a home kit or another salon. I have not encountered a color correction situation that did not turn out well.

My goal is to help you express your own personal style. However, if you’re not sure of the style you want to have, through listening to your needs, I can help you find just the look you have been looking for. We will talk through your lifestyle, how much work you are willing to do to maintain a specific look, and what your long term image goals may be. You will leave the salon looking fantastic and still be able to achieve the same style at home.

I want you to enjoy your experience and I will treat you in a manner that will keep you coming back. I pledge to give you my full attention when I am taking care of you. I don’t answer phones while I am with you and I absolutely do not over-book or double-book my clients. When you are in my chair, my time is yours and yours alone. Simply put, I offer a high quality service with a level of personal care unmatched by most stylists.

Evans-Churchill is a neighborhood that is focused on building an active and cooperative community. The part of the neighborhood where the salon is located is known as Roosevelt Row or ‘RoRo’ for short.

Evans-Churchill is nationally recognized as a creative place maker because over the years, boarded up houses and apartments have been repurposed into art galleries, coffee houses, and bars that feature local bands, art, and culinary delights. Buildings covered with gang graffiti are now emblazoned with brightly painted urban murals. Additionally, volunteer groups in the community have cleaned up empty lots to make room for trees and plants. It’s become a wonderful mix of textured city buildings and native greenery.

The Evans-Churchill community is very much focused on making it a good neighborhood in which to live, work, and play. I’ve observed that business owners strongly demonstrate that dedication to the neighborhood in the way they interact with fellow business owners, customers, and the community in general. I’ve met a few local business owners who make it a point to help out the less fortunate. They work hard to make everyone in the neighborhood feel that they belong.

I’ve been working on Roosevelt St. for a short time, but I already have a strong feeling that I am now part of the community as well. People wave as I pass by on my way to the salon and we each wish the other a good day. I’ll stop to chat about family, upcoming holidays, or simply to chat about how business is doing. There is a level of authenticity in these interactions that I have not seen in other neighborhoods I have lived in or worked.

Here in Evans-Churchill it’s understood if you’re doing well, we’re all doing well.

Public Image is the salon that I call home!