If you think of Pippi Longstocking when you hear the word braid, think again. Braids have once again become huge again in the world of hair. If you look at popular shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings; (by the way Vikings is back on the air!) they have shown us that braids are more than simply three strands of twisted hair. They are an easy way to get your hair off your face and still look sexy in the summer heat. Believe me, that is definitely something we here in Phoenix are always looking for.

What’s great about braided style is that they are easy to learn and use. If you can tie your shoes, you can do very cool braids and the bonus to braiding your hair is that the braiding secures the hair in place. That means fewer pins! Braiding gives you a firmer, longer lasting style.

The trick to all those unique braids is proper tension. You have to start with a firm tension and then easing the tension the farther away you get from your scalp. The end simply gets tied off.

You can then take your braid and wrap it into a bun, or loosen it some and let it hang like the Elsa braid from the movie Frozen. You can also take your long locks and make them look like you’ve got a short style, like a bob.

If you’ve got any questions ask me at your upcoming appointment and I’ll show you a few tricks I’ve learned over the years. If you are interested in a braiding class, please let me know.