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Is the Price Right?

I get this question at least once a week. Clients often ask me about salon brands versus drugstore brands. Are the salon products really better? Frankly, who wouldn’t be tempted by an industrial size combo of shampoo and conditioner from your local warehouse store? It never fails, when I’m out shopping with my husband, he asks me if the 50oz combo shampoo and conditioner is a good deal. I wish I had a can with some coins to shake at him. It might scare him away from the hair care section of that store!! I digress… Salon product companies...

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Don’t Fade Away

It been a while since I’ve taken pen (or keyboard) in hand, so I thought I would get back to basics with a weekly, five-part series. In my 20 years of styling, I keep hearing the same concerns from my customers, so I thought I would share them and my answers with you. You won’t find any magical secrets here, just some solid general advice to get you through the next few weeks! Without exception, all of my color clients ask “how can I make this color last?” The key to making color last is always using professional products....

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A Decalogue of Canons

My husband has been listening to this podcast called ‘The Thomas Jefferson Hour’ for years. Sometimes he will play an episode on our car trips. The podcast is not just about Thomas Jefferson. Clay Jenkinson, the host, will do the whole podcast as Thomas Jefferson. To be even more specific, they record the podcast in a barn in North Dakota and I think that Mr. Jenkinson dresses the part. But, I’m not sure about that last bit. I find the show terribly interesting and I look forward to a new episode each week. I enjoy learning about the man...

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