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Santa’s Little Helper

Buckle-up, the holiday season is here! I was raised in a fairly traditional home where our Christmas tree was put up twelve days before Christmas and taken down no later than twelve days after Christmas. Definitely old-school! It has really been surprising for me when I see decorations and signs of the holiday appearing sooner and sooner every year. When does the season really start? In fact, in late September I was walking through Costco and I saw some Christmas trees poking up from behind a wall of athletic socks and comforters. Too early! A couple of weeks ago (mid-October) I...

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Dry Shampoo to the Rescue!

Why would I want to use “dry” shampoo? How do I use it? Most of my clients who use dry shampoo have long hair. If you have long hair, shampooing and styling your hair every day is not only time consuming but can dry out your hair and strip out the color that you just had applied! Dry shampoo removes the natural oils and dirt from the scalp saving you hours of styling time; and those add up! Benefits of using a high quality dry shampoo include a boost of hydration and antioxidants for your hair along with exfoliating...

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Halloween Hair Tips and Products

Halloween is almost here! Its that time of the year again, you’re going to hit the mean streets of Phoenix as your favorite alter ego. Who are you going to dress up as? Harley Quinn, The Joker, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or even Pippi Longstocking? My husband wants to dress up as Ken Bone… smh… Well, regardless of who (or what) you’re going to dress up as, chances are you’re going to get your hair in on the act. I’ve put together a few tips and product suggestions for you that will make you look great while avoiding that “hair hangover” that...

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Is the Price Right?

I get this question at least once a week. Clients often ask me about salon brands versus drugstore brands. Are the salon products really better? Frankly, who wouldn’t be tempted by an industrial size combo of shampoo and conditioner from your local warehouse store? It never fails, when I’m out shopping with my husband, he asks me if the 50oz combo shampoo and conditioner is a good deal. I wish I had a can with some coins to shake at him. It might scare him away from the hair care section of that store!! I digress… Salon product companies...

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