The Sales Pitch

This is the story of my decision to change color lines. I am not kidding when I say that updating color lines is not a decision to be taken lightly. A complete inventory swap needs to occur including the color, associated product, and even some of my stylist tools. That is only the beginning because then I need to learn everything there is to know about the characteristics of the color down to the chemistry and how it interacts with various hair types. The last and most important aspect of changing out a color line is performing a complete reformulation for all of my clients. This involves testing the color on swatches until I get it nuanced just right.

Please know that I can get really geeky about color and go on for pages, but I will try to keep it brief!

About four months ago, one of the product representatives from Maka came in to tell me about a great color line that I should be using. Someone is always in the salon trying to sell us on the new “great color line” and I frankly hadn’t been thinking about changing lines. As I mentioned earlier, I am a bit of a color geek, so I decided to give her presentation a listen.

At the end of the sales pitch she challenged me and one of the other stylists to a mannequin head challenge. Yes!

The Challenge

The challenge consisted of the three of us comparing the same level and shade of red on various quadrants of the mannequin’s hair. Each of us mixed our own red that we normally use while the representative mixed her new color. She applied all three mixtures to various quadrants of the mannequin’s head. We left the mannequin to process for a little less than an hour.

After shampooing and blow drying the head, it was time to see the results. The Alfaparf color had most vibrant, deep, and shiny look that I have ever seen. The thing that was even more surprising was the softness of the hair. It felt great! It was even better than before the color treatment.

Coloring my Hair

If you get your hair colored red, you know that the toughest part is keeping it from fading. So, I decided to give the color a try to see how it would hold up on my hair. I went for an intense red and the color came out beautiful. However, I was not sold yet because it always looks great the first day, but then starts to fade and the hair gets a coppery-orange tone. I am happy to report that after six weeks of having the Alfaparf color, it has only minimally faded and hasn’t changed tone.

I’ve been a stylist for 20 years and this is the best color line I’ve worked with. I am telling you this color is amazing; every color I have used has been true to swatch. I have also been able to get 100% grey coverage that never has that “hollow” look.

Now for even geekier stuff. It’s got the lowest ammonia content of any professional color at 0.7%. It also has no Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) which can sometimes aggravate the scalp more that ammonia will.

At your next appointment ask me to see and feel the mannequin’s hair, you will be pleased. Well, as pleased as you can be feeling a mannequin head!