Thanksgiving is almost here!

It’s the busiest travel day of the year. We’ve all had that dilemma of what to do with our hair. What do you when your plane’s arrived late and you have to rush to Mom’s because she starts dinner promptly at three? I know people that eat at three; they’re out there! Well, I’ve got some ideas for you. I’ll show you how to take your quick ordinary travel style and dress it up.

The hair accessory that will  make your hair’s travels much less painful is the hair donut. I know bun donuts sound delicious, but they’re actually a pretty easy, bad-ass way of making your hair fuller in a snap. If you have thin or fine hair, it’s really going to help you. You can get one at Target, H&M, or Walgreen’s. They come in black or beige, pick the one that match your hair color. Depending on where you shop, you can get them in different sizes to accommodate your hair length.

Bun Donuts

There are two primary looks that you can achieve using the bun donut. Both looks always start with a pony tail. When you go to setup your pony tail make the base either at the nape of your neck or the top of your head, depending on the look you want to achieve.

#1 — Traditional

After you’ve placed your hair in a pony tail, pull your pony tail through bun donut. Next, spread the hair evenly over the donut to cover it and put a a hair band around the base to secure the hair. Now, take extra hair hanging out from the bun and split it into two sections. Twist each section around the base of the bun and pin it into place as needed. Wrapping the hair around will help cover up the that hair band. Total time less than two minutes and you are now read for turkey, mashed potatoes, and awkward conversation with Aunt Deborah. Check out this video by Kelly Goldhorn. It shows just how easy putting a bun in place can be.

#2 — Festive

Let’s get a little more festive with our look. Headbands are a great way to spruce up a simple dancer’s bun. Make a bun at the crown of your head following the steps in #1. Once your bun is secure, use a tail comb or a pen to lift a little of the bun’s top to give you some fullness. Now, place and pin your festive headband around the equator of the bun and you’re ready for Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.

#3 — Accessories

Once you’ve gotten the perfect bun going, use some festive or decorative bobby pins to help hold the wispier bits of hair in check. Another hair accessory that’s a great help are decorative bobby pins.

I hope I’ve given you some quick tips that help ease the stress of traveling during the holidays. I just want to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels where ever you may be going.