It been a while since I’ve taken pen (or keyboard) in hand, so I thought I would get back to basics with a weekly, five-part series. In my 20 years of styling, I keep hearing the same concerns from my customers, so I thought I would share them and my answers with you.

You won’t find any magical secrets here, just some solid general advice to get you through the next few weeks!

Without exception, all of my color clients ask “how can I make this color last?” The key to making color last is always using professional products. When I’m coloring and styling your hair, I use professional grade products that are specifically formulated to maintain your color; they moisturize while protecting the cuticle (outside covering) of the hair shaft and that makes the color last. If you use drug or grocery store grade products on your hair, it dries out your hair and leaves it course, thereby dulling the shine and making it more susceptible to fading. Also, the over-use of hot tools dry out your hair and actually start to strip out the color. So, easy with those flat and curling irons ladies!

Next week, I’ll discuss the differences between salon and drug-store hair care products.