Halloween is almost here!

Its that time of the year again, you’re going to hit the mean streets of Phoenix as your favorite alter ego. Who are you going to dress up as? Harley Quinn, The JokerRuth Bader Ginsburg, or even Pippi Longstocking? My husband wants to dress up as Ken Bone… smh…

Well, regardless of who (or what) you’re going to dress up as, chances are you’re going to get your hair in on the act. I’ve put together a few tips and product suggestions for you that will make you look great while avoiding that “hair hangover” that happens the next day following you doing too much to your hair the night before. You really don’t want to be walking in to your corporate job with green hair, the boss is already enough of a pain.

Before you begin styling

Before you assemble your armada of hot hair styling tools, consider using a thermal treatment beforehand. Why? Blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons weaken and destroy vital proteins in your hair – as well as deplete your hair’s natural oils. Use a thermal treatment to protect your hair from getting fried. Also, if possible give your hair a break for a couple of days after Halloween to let it bounce back. I recommend using Unite’s 7Seconds Glossing Spray.

If you’re going to use temporary color

The whole idea is to make it as temporary as possible, right? Follow these two simple steps before you apply color and your hair will go back to its previous shade after a couple of washes. For you ladies and gentlemen that already have lightened hair, these two steps are especially important before you apply color as your hair will have a much higher chance of deeply absorbing some of the color.  I recommend Redken’s Color Rebel Hair Makeup line.

  1. Wash and deep condition your hair.
  2. Apply a thermal treatment or primping spray to help seal your hair’s cuticle.

Also, and I know this one is obvious…. Don’t go to sleep with the color in your hair! You will have remnants of color in your hair through Thanksgiving.

If you want to go the wig route

The biggest benefit of wearing a wig is you don’t have to beat up your own hair to get that wild look for Halloween. Even if you have long hair, you don’t need to cut your hair to wear a wig. You will look great! If your hair is long, simply pull it to the back of your head and use bobby pins to get it as flat as possible. As a matter of fact, any loose hair (such as bangs) can be secured using bobby pins.

Definitely consider getting a wig cap. Not only does it keep your own hair under control, it helps secure the wig to your head a little better. For a totally secure fit (especially if the wig is a little big on you) you can get some wig tape. It’s sold at any good wig shop.

When putting your wig on, always start from the front of your head and work it towards the nape of your neck.

Now, if you really want to have some fun, get a light colored wig, style it with spray in color, colored glitter, or a colored texturizer. Victorians wish they had it so good!

Have Fun!

I hope these tips help! If you want to share what you’ve done with your Halloween hair, post your picture on Instragram using #happyhairpin or just send them directly to me at [email protected] and I will feature them on the site!

Happy Halloween

– Melanie