While it might seem like a perfectly good plan, mixing toner in your shampoo is actually very counter-productive and will not help you in the least. Here are a couple of reasons why this isn’t going to help you keep that “just out of the salon” color.

Shampoos are made to clean and remove the dirt from your hair. A toner’s function is the opposite, it deposits color. So, mixing toner into your shampoo actually creates a situation where the two products are working against each other. Not good!
For a toner to work properly, it must to be applied onto towel dried hair and left to absorb for approximately 10 to 25 minutes. Any less will result in a weak color deposit in the hair. If we consider the action of adding that toner to your shampoo and then you putting it on your drenched hair, the following will occur, the chemical properties of the toner would be minimized as a result of being mixed with the shampoo and water in the shower. The toner would, in effect, be too diluted to do a thing to your hair. Again, not good.

In my client’s case the best way for her to keep the color vibrant and not brassy is to use a violet/purple shampoo. These shampoos are provide excellent color stability. Additionally, there are violet/purple conditioners to further keep that blonde the way you want it. As a side note, there are gold conditioners for those warmer, darker blondes out there as well.

For my money, I highly recommend Redken’s Blonde Idol. What separates Redken’s conditioner from the competition is its dial control. This dial controls how much of the violet pigment is added to the conditioner. The first week you set the dial at one and then turn up the dial every week until you get to six to keep that color intact. Every weekly click adds a little bit more pigment to the conditioner helping you keep your beautiful blonde even from visit to visit. Clever, right?

Redken Blonde Idol also has a conditioner for Golden blonde to help keep your your darker, warmer blonde color from getting flat and washed out.

Check out this video for more information. As always, drop me a line or give me a call for more information.