I get this question at least once a week. Clients often ask me about salon brands versus drugstore brands. Are the salon products really better? Frankly, who wouldn’t be tempted by an industrial size combo of shampoo and conditioner from your local warehouse store? It never fails, when I’m out shopping with my husband, he asks me if the 50oz combo shampoo and conditioner is a good deal.

I wish I had a can with some coins to shake at him. It might scare him away from the hair care section of that store!! I digress…

Salon product companies are continually working on product formulations that leave your hair in the best possible condition. They strive to be at the forefront of haircare technology. It’s what they do!

The chemistry, formulations, and manufacturing processes used in drugstore brands are geared towards creating the most cost effective product, not what is necessarily the best for your hair. Frankly, some of the formulations may be YEARS behind what is being used in salon grade products.

Also, don’t be fooled by what appears to be a professional brand in the drugstore. It might not be what you think. It could be old product or even an off brand made to look like a professional product! Sorry to be blunt, but don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Call me with any product questions you might have. I’m happy to help.

Next week, I’ll be touching on the use of “dry” shampoo.

Until then, have a good week!