As most of you know, I got married this summer. My new husband and I decided to spend some of our honeymoon in Bisbee, AZ. It really is one of Arizona’s treasures!

After checking in to a local Bed and Breakfast, we decided to walk into town to get some dinner. Through a combination of not realizing how far we were from downtown and not looking at the weather we were caught in a cold, pouring rain. A quarter of a mile later, we were soaked and decided to stop at a convenience store to wait out the storm.

It was there we met and got to talking to one of America’s nomads, “Squeegee”. She was a woman that had been traveling the roads and rails for the better part of fifteen years. Squeegee was definitely a great resource on the best places to eat and drink. She recommended the only bar in town that hadn’t banned her yet. That was definitely good enough for us! As we parted ways, she stopped us and with a solemn gaze she imparted the town motto onto us, “Keep Bisbee Weird”.

I took her advice to heart, mainly because I think it’s a great motto. I like the quirky, unusual, and unique aspects of life in America. We ended up enjoying our honeymoon and really did get into a lot of weird adventures that I will be more than happy to tell you about when you’re sitting in my chair.

When I got back to Phoenix, I started thinking a bit about the “weirdness” that I experienced while on my travels. There was a thought that kept running through my head about the experience and how it would simply not fly here in Phoenix. It was the observed inconsistencies in the hours the shopkeepers kept. Some stores had no hours posted. Some stores did have them posted, but were not even close to following them. There was one store however, that totally owned the flexible hours ethos. Yep, funny sign, but the store was closed! I couldn’t buy the souvenir I wanted from the window.

Bisbee Office Hours

Working in a service-based business, one definitely needs to make choices. A big one is the schedule that will be kept and point on the spectrum of punctuality that will be preserved. Some stylists run their schedules very loosely. I tend to be punctual and consistent in my hours of operation. I know how important it is to you that I set and keep consistent hours. The experience that I had in my recent travels has definitely reinforced my determination to keep a schedule that maximizes my availability.

So, I am happy to announce that I’ve worked out a new schedule that allows for more appointment times. I am willing to stay later or come in earlier if need be, especially since the holidays are fast approaching. Yep, I said it… they are coming! That being said, click here to see my current hours. Keep Phoenix Weird, but one time. Happy Styling to you!