Many of my clients ask how often they should shampoo their hair, some even ask if they should ever wash their hair.

Let me go on the record now and to state that I do not think the “no-poo” method of taking care of your hair is a viable or even practical way to manage your hair. The premise behind the no-poo (stifling a giggle here) method, is that it is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic way to keep your hair healthy. I just don’t think creating preparations of baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils is practical. It also doesn’t address the individual variations in people’s hair. I’m not a shill for the cosmetics industry, but I simply don’t understand why people don’t take a more sensible approach to their hair care. Let me put my soap box away…

So… how often to was your hair (with a high quality shampoo)

More is not necessarily better when it comes to shampooing your hair. Daily shampooing of your hair can dry it out and dull the color we worked hard to get you. Additionally, it also causes your scalp to compensate and produce more natural oils which make your hair look oily and greasy. Not a good look! Realistically, you should shampoo your hair three to four times a week. If you’re the kind of person (like me) that wakes up with their hair all over the place, just wet it or rinse it well while in the shower and use a little conditioner.  Then you can style it like you normally do.

Next week, I’ll address the question of how often to get your hair cut. Until then, have a wonderful week!