When I ask a client who has fine hair about the styling products they use, I most often hear, mousse. I then ask how the mousse is working for them. The answer is less than favorable. Usually, they say that the volume is there, but their hair ends up being stiff and/or frizzy. The fact is, most aerosol mousses ARE too stiff and DO leave your hair frizzy.

Here are two of my favorite products for volume that can replace that old school mousse. Both can be used on hair that is long, short, straight, or curly. These products are applied when your hair is damp, thereby not changing how you style your hair, just the product you’re using.

The first product is Redken’s Aerate 08. Aerate 08 is a volumizing cream-mousse. This weightless product has a medium hold. Work a dollop in your hands, then pat and work through your hair. Once you’ve got it dispersed through your hair, style as usual. You’ll have hair with movement and volume. As I said earlier, this is great for many different types of fine hair. However, I prefer to use it on short, curly hair. Those curls are springy and soft.

The second product is Sexy Hair’s Root Pump. Root Pump is a spray that you apply to the base of your hair then work through to the ends. It dispenses as a spray, but then turns into a mousse to increase volume from the bottom up. If you’re desiring significant lift, use it primarily in the crown and blow dry with the head upside down or use a big round brush. The difference is that this product has more hold than Aerate 08 and will give your style weightless firmness. I like it for long hair.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for fine hair products, you can chuck that old school mousse and get the style you’ve been looking to for! Just remember these are only two products for fine hair and there are many more. Give me call and I’ll answer any questions you may have. You and I can discuss what your hair care regimen needs and find the perfect product for you.

Happy styling!