For nearly 25 years, I have had some form of hair color on my hair.

I’ve been red, black, and blonde; I’ve had hi-lights, low lights, and color blocking. I also think at one point I had turquoise bangs. The rainbow’s colors pale in comparison my colors. But I finally did it! I grew out my hair to its natural color. No highlights, low lights, not even a toner, just my own god-given color.

I felt I was in a color slump

I figured maybe it was time for a fresh start. I also wanted to see just how much grey there really was.  I even had a fleeting thought that I might like my natural color and stop coloring my hair all together (ha ha ha …yeah right). I also was interested to see how long it would take me to grow the color out. I was ready for the challenge but I have to tell you, the growing-out phase was a process and at times a severe struggle.

If you’re thinking about growing out your natural color

There are a couple ways of going about it.  The way I chose to do it was to cut my hair into a short tousled hair style and ride out the regrowth line. The regrowth line is the visible line were the colored hair and your hair’s natural color meet. The short haircut did two things for me, it removed most of the hair that had color on it; and with a tousled style I could cover my part. By covering the part, I couldn’t see that pesky regrowth line. I work in front of mirrors all day and I knew I wouldn’t be able stand it if I saw that line every day. I needed to camouflage it as long as possible. Out of sight, out of mind as they say.

My chosen hair color compared to my natural color wasn’t too far-off. Therefore I didn’t have a huge noticeable line as my hair grew out. If your hair is between 75 and 100 percent grey and you’ve been coloring it a medium brown, your regrowth line is going to be very noticeable. A short haircut may not help, or you may not want to have a short haircut. I would suggest highlighting your hair to blend the color and soften that regrowth line. Granted, it will take you longer to get to your natural color, but sometimes the longer road is the best one.

Be patient

I have many clients who color to cover grey and every once in a while they talk about growing out their hair to their natural color.  I’ve had people make it as far as three weeks and some make it as far as three months before giving up and making a color appointment. However I have also had clients who saw the process through to the end and decided they loved being grey and wore it with pride. Whatever you choose, it’s about expressing yourself. I’m not saying it was an easy transition, there were times I wanted to color it, but I’m glad I stuck to my guns. There were many times I had a color tube in my hand ready to mix up something wild, but I didn’t, and I’m glad.

If you have any questions about growing out your grey, contact me. We will come up with the best game plan for you to reach your hair goal.