The idea for this website began as a result of the clients I would see in my cosmetology practice. In my over two decades (has it been that long?) of working as a stylist, I have encountered clients who have been misinformed, misled, and generally abused by “drug store” product lines, less-than-professional stylists, and well-meaning friends.

I have a couple of goals for this website.

  • I want it to serve as a means for my new and established clients to find me here in the Phoenix area.
  • I also want this site to be a resource for anyone who has a need to obtain tips, advice, or general information on any aspect of hair care.

If you have a question or problem you would like to be addressed, please send me a message and I will answer your question completely, accurately, and without bias. Who knows, the question you ask may be something that has been on the minds of many people, but just hasn’t been addressed yet.