To trim or not to trim…

It’s not only a question, but an epic struggle for most women. The reasons for growing one’s hair long are numerous. Some of the more common ones are an upcoming wedding, class reunion, or simply wanting a new, longer style that you saw someone else wearing. Being patient and letting your hair grow is not the hard part, it’s the associated split ends that turn the process into an ordeal. You end up trimming those split ends and your hair never seems the reach your desired length. Frustration!! Urghh!

So, why do we get split ends? Let’s get technical and discuss the anatomy of your hair.

The “cuticle” is the most external portion of the hair strand. The cuticle is essentially the hair’s armor and is made up of about 7 layers, give or take. Every time you style your hair, the cuticle gets a bit more damaged. Now, the cuticle at the end of your hair is the oldest part of the hair shaft and is, consequently, the most worn. When the cuticle wears down enough, the hair begins to split. Typically you will see the split at the end, i.e., “split ends”, but sometimes the hair can even split mid-shaft, depending on how damaged the cuticle is from over-processing, blow drying, or environmental factors.

Unfortunately, damage to the cuticle is unavoidable. However, there are some things you can do to mitigate this damage.

  • Whenever using a flat-iron, you must always use a heat protectant. It can be serum, oil, or spray.
  • Always make sure your hair is fully dry before using any styling tool that applies heat to the hair.
  • Don’t put your hair into an excessively tight hair band while it is still wet.

If you still keep getting split ends, lower the heat on your blow dryer, flat-iron, or curling iron. If you STILL keep getting split ends, I have a product that will keep your ends from splitting and allow your hair the time it needs to grow between trims.

It’s a split end mending treatment developed by Brazilian Blowout. This isn’t going to totally remove the need for an occasional trim, because your hair doesn’t all grow at the same rate, but it will definitely extend the life of your hair and keep it from splitting between trims.

Here is how it works: The treatment is applied after I trim the ends of your hair. I then use a flat-iron to fuse the ends of the hair to the mender in order to prevent new split-ends from occurring and mend ones that still exist. The treatment will last on your hair for up to a month. It’s quick, easy, and cost effective. It will keep you on track to getting that long, gorgeous hair you been wanting.

If you have any questions about the treatment, pricing, or scheduling give me a call.