I love Arizona, but the summer sun and heat really can take a toll on the moisture levels of my hair. Also, hot blow-drying has the same moisture robbing effect. Frankly, any form of direct heat on the hair lasting a few minutes will cause the cuticle of the hair to open a little bit and allow moisture to escape at a higher rate than normal. Next thing you know, you’ve got tumbleweed hair!

Here are some tips to help you keep your hair more moist during the harshest part of the year. Get yourself a very moisturizing deep conditioner that you’ll use once or twice a week. I can recommend some brands if you’re not sure. Follow these general rules to determine how often you are going to need to use a deep conditioner.

Perform a deep conditioning once a week if you:
• Have hair shorter than chin length
• Have a low maintenance hairstyle

Perform a deep conditioning twice a week if you:
• Have hair longer than shoulder length
• Have colored hair, especially blondes
• Are shampooing everyday
• Spend a lot of time outside
• Use heat to style your hair

Apply the conditioner to freshly shampooed hair, ensure the hair is COMPLETELY saturated. Now you get to put on a plastic cap and let the conditioner soak into your hair for 15 minutes. I should mention that more soaking is not better. Your hair can only absorb a finite amount of moisture, so after about 15 minutes, it probably won’t be able to soak in any more moisture.

Next, rinse your hair with cool water in order to close the cuticle. Also, let your hair air dry. You don’t want to take out the moisture you just put in! Also keep in mind that if you put your dryer at a lower heat setting this will help keep your hair from drying out as quickly.

If you need help picking out the perfect deep conditioner, just let me know. I can recommend or demonstrate some excellent products to use.